Learn how to use the web portal to access the European Society of Radiology’s guidance for appropriate imaging

The ESR iGuide portal provides a stand-alone decision support solution for appropriate imaging using the ESR's imaging referral guidelines. Users consult the ESR's guidelines across 10 topic areas, developed in cooperation with the American College of Radiology, via two workflow options.

Indication-driven workflow: the indication driven workflow is initiated by selecting one or more clinical indications as reasons for requesting an imaging exam. Once the indications are selected, ESR iGuide provides feedback on the appropriateness of different imaging exams according the ESR’s guidelines.

Procedure-driven workflow: in this workflow, users start with the imaging service they would like to request for a patient, before entering the relevant clinical indication(s). ESR iGuide then provides appropriateness information on the selected exam, as well as alternative exams to consider for this indication.

Read the full ESR iGuide Portal User Guide.


The portal is available for free for all individual users. See the best way to gain access to the portal.


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